Expansion – New Workshop Secured!

We’re extremely excited to announce the expansion and new home of Big T’s Chop Shop! Our new home is going to be out in PoCo in the Fremont District in the Pivotal Development.

At just over 2000 feet of floor space, with a 1000 foot mezzanine office, the new site is going to allow us a lot more room on the shop floor allowing us to both spread out a bit, segregate our wood and metal production, and offer some new services.

Service Updates

Areas of expansion in terms of our service offerings will be:

  • Welding – Dedicated shop floor area for Aluminum and Steel welding operations.
  • Finishing – A dedicated area for paint and powder coat finishing operations.
  • Assembly – Dedicated areas for assembly, packaging, and shipping services.

We’re currently anticipating a move-in date of January 2021. We’ll keep you posted with all the updates and photos of what is sure to be an EPIC move.

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